Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I wake up and the urge hits me again. The unbearable urge to pack a bag, call in sick for a month and flee. I readjust my face and bury it into the pillow and remember that i love my job, love my life really and should get up and start my day. I remove my hair from my face and remember once again that i moved back by choice, that it's a trade off and i head off to work.

I do this every day, for four and a half months now i've done this almost every day.

Is crying in the middle of a meeting from the stress a sign that maybe i don't belong in this managerial place and was more at home shopping in the cote d'azur and downing espresso's all day?


Anonymous said...

take some time off if possible..

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, and love the new template:)

Maxxed`ouT said...

ماهو ماكانش عاجبك
البنى آدم ده مايملاش عينه غير التراب

طب بقولك ايه

FreudianSlip said...

i can totally relate. so much so that i've decided to pack up and move back. bala neela. seriously!

N said...

woow.. enty ray7a fein?

Will E. said...

crying in the middle of a meeting is not so bad, the best people in the business do it.