Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Tagged by Alluring to tell you five things you don't know about me, not an easy task considering all i've spilled out on this blog... let's give it a go...
  • I joined in a Kentucky Fried Chicken basketball tournament with my school team, unfortunately we won and my picture was up on one of the KFC branches for months and months as the KFC tournament champions.
  • I sang "Cuban Pete" from The Mask with two friends of mine on live radio through the phone, with no music and only shakers and tabla. This was fifteen years ago.
  • I once sat down a 35 year old man and scolded him for 2 hours while he looked at the floor, for making out with my best friend, who was fifteen, as was I.
  • I have not followed the news since Bush got re-ellected. I will commence my following of the news when he is replaced.
  • I am funnier and tougher than you would ever ever guess reading this blog.
That wasn't easy... now my vengeance!
I tag Herlock, Zoss, Carmen, Sand-e, Kaf (try to participate), and Faisal


Alluring said...

I knew you'd find something!

That point about the 35 yr old man is scary, but you do have guts!

I have not followed the news pretty much the same time if not before, my reason is that i just got sick.

Cairene said...

I used to ignore the news, until I felt that i need to distract myself by thinking about other things! I read El Mesri El Yawm. lol. It makes me laugh inside.
I always guessed you were tougher. And, I think your blog does show that you're funny :]