Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 - the year of being 30

I have plans for 2011. Big plans. I have plans of getting out of debt, of saving money, of earning a promotion, of losing the rest of the "first year of marriage weight" (5K down, 5 to go!). I have plans of sticking to yoga this time, of traveling to a country i've never been to before (Croatia? Greece? Bali?). I have plans for peace of mind as well. I have intentions to stress less, do more. Worry less, live more. Cocoon less, go out more. I have plans of reading great books, practicing french, and starting my book. I have all the plans someone who is excited about life would have, tailored to little me.

I also have wishes for 2011. I wish for my mother to be better. For my mother to stay with me and to get better. That is my biggest wish, i would trade in all my other wishes and previously declared plans in a heart beat, for this one wish.
I have wishes for my husband to find his peace at work and reap the fruits of all that hard work. I wish him success, in abundance.
I have one last wish that my best friend moves back from the states. That somehow her husband decides that his 15 year plan is not worth it, and just calls it a day. You never know....

Lastly, i am grateful for 2010. I am grateful for my mom's perseverance and stubbornness :)
I am grateful for the miraculous opportunity to change industries and careers without taking a pay cut. I am grateful for the ability to work 12 hour days for weeks on end and being able to prove myself worthy of this opportunity, and being recognized for it so quickly.
I am grateful for the proximity of this opportunity to my home! I am grateful for one year of marriage, peaceful and happy and as smooth as one can hope for it to be.
I am grateful for my 20's being over with all their drama, confusion and intensity. I am grateful for moving into a more grounded era of my life.
Lastly i am grateful for for all the gifts that God has given me to be able to live my life as i live it.

May 2011 be as kind as 2010 and as fruitful.

Love and joy to all,


Innate_Inanenuss said...

Hey N, very good to know that ur ok.

Good luck with all of those this year; You can bet I'll be among the first who would seek to obtain ur book when it comes out.

huh, readin this blog just brings back..memories...

Be well.

Haroun El Poussah said...

A few more for you:

- May 2011 see you start work on your book
- May 2011 see you spend more time at the beach than 2010
- May 2011 see you reconcile with a lost friend
- May 2011 ensnare you.

N said...


i already had the first one in there, you shouldn't read so quickly :)

what on earth does ensnare mean?

poshlemon said...


May all the good you deserve come to you and keep coming.

You are truly amazing.

All the best,



Faisal said...

Good luck with everything!

Excellent thing with work. Really. I understand how difficult it can be to transfer from one job to another, in different fields, and having to suffer a pay cut. I also know how beautiful it is when people finally give you recognition for the hard work you've put it in.

So, here's hoping the road remains visible and smooth.

Haroun El Poussah said...

I just thought starting your book deserved double mention since it's an important one

Ensnare: en·snare   /ɛnˈsnɛər/ Show Spelled
–verb (used with object), -snared, -snar·ing.
to capture in, or involve as in, a snare: to be ensnared by lies; to ensnare birds.

N said...

Yeah I checked it out, do you really think that explains it?

N said...

P & F,

May this year be exceptionally beautiful and rewarding for the two of you :)


mille feuille said...

So well put. Happy New Year! May all your wishes come true in 2011!

MyrtleHernandez said...

Happy new yr...I wish you good luck this year..
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Delysid said...


Good luck in 2011 :> Hopefully will be better than last year!

Néphèle said...

Ahh N, Croatia is beauuuutiful, and I can't really talk about Bali, but if you ever decide to come to Greece, do throw me an email for dos & don'ts & hows & wheres, coz if Anthony Bourdain & a whole professional production company behind him really did not manage to get it right, it makes me wonder how difficult it can actually be do actually visit Greece and make good travelling choices!?

We have enough of a bad reputation as it is already, I'm thinking let me help not enhance it :pp

Have a beautiful year, filled with Health, Productivity, Happiness, and the baby book you've been yearning for :)


PS: Are you safe?

Maxxed`ouT said...

Lose weight... You did.
yoga... Maybe.
Out of debt... Yeah right.

N said...

walahy kollo on track ya K except el yoga. el thawra 2adet 3al yoga!

Néphèle said...

N, you might wanna skip the Yoga part, I am telling you I can't laugh since 5 days now 'cause it's given me stiff & virtually strained abs. I swear I was a lot more flexible before Yoga, wallahi el 3azeem .-

N said...

Nephele, i am a yoga lover. it has only done great things for me....

if only i can get back on track with it!

Néphèle said...

Oh there's an attempt for humour that went down the drain :)

On a more serious tone, I can appreciate what you said, I hate gyms (Posh can confirm :p ) but I love the Yoga and Pilates room, if for nothing else, then for the relaxation and stretching I can offer myself that 1-1,5 hour of Yoga practice.

I hope & wish you that you will find a way to get it back in your life, because all of us need great things in our life, and you deserve them :)


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