Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Days of Black

I wont wear black
no i wont wear black
you know i'd paint the world that color
if wearing that color
would bring you back
I can still feel the heat
pass from your fingers to mine
I can still see you little underneath that sheet
before the grief replaced
the fear that numbed my spine
And now i tread the day
wishing reality away
wishing i knew
how people who love you this much
can say goodbye to you
I fight back tears
saving them for those who will miss you more
I bite back streams
I know you know i'd cry you rivers
if that would make the world, like it was before
I can't wear black
over you, no i can't wear black
over the freeing of love
over you going home
I just can't wear black
you know i'd paint the whole world that color
if wearing that color, would take all this back


Juka said...

I hope the beautiful poem is not in regard to the previous post. In all cases, sorry for your loss.

Nora said...

I hope you are ok....

Daysleeper said...

i'm sorry n
(i wish there were a more sincere way to say that)

--former adrasteia

N said...

i'm afraid it is Juka, i'm afraid it is...

thank you girls x

Jade said...

I just dropped in... & found so much I've missed... firstly though I wanted to wish you well & tell you I'm sorry for your loss my girl.